Software developer Engineer

Company Name:
Software Developer Engineer 3
Develops software programs of a complex nature, including operating systems, applications and/or network products for external use. Develops project plans, functional specifications and schedules for these products. Designs and performs analysis on complex programs and systems. Assists in determining product requirements and enhancements. We are seeking a system-level developer proficient in C/C++, with knowledge and implementation experience in developing networking protocol stacks (TCP/IP, EGP/BGP, Ethernet, Optics, etc), network device drivers, etc. Additionally, the candidate should have demonstrated experience in bringing up networking platforms, and benchmarking performance in a lab environment. Bring your passion for networking & large-scale cloud computing and learn a tremendous lot on the job
o Building tools and prototypes needed to test and evaluate initial ideas.
o Help in the design, implementation, performance benchmarking and testing of novel networking architectures applicable to datacenters
o Design performance test beds and benchmarks as needed
Note to agencies: Developers without a strong background in networking at system and/or protocol level need not apply.
5-7 years of experience designing and developing networking protocol stack implementations in Windows, Linux, Embedded Systems / Switches
Familiarity with key networking protocols like TCP/IP, Ethernet, GbE, switch architectures, and network device drivers (preferably in the Windows environment)
Demonstrated ability to design and write multi-threaded and asynchronous software programs.
Experience with virtualization a plus
5-7 years experience developing software in C/C++, C#/.NET knowledge preferred
Technical degree in computer science or equivalent mandatory
This contract position is expected to be 1 year in duration.


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