Attorney/In House/Bellevue, Washington

Company Name:
The candidate will join LCA?s Application, Services and Dynamics (AS&D) legal team to provide strategic legal support for company?s worldwide online consumer services including the Bing and Application, Media and Publishing (AMP) teams. Responsibilities will include: Primary responsibility for providing assistance to and coordinating with company?s legal and corporate affairs team outside the United States who handle AppEx, Bing and MSN inbound and outbound licensing, including in person and online training and development, deal support and escalation resolutions. Help develop and implement tools and systematic processes for knowledge sharing. Leading role advising the engineering and business teams that develop, localize and globalize certain AMP and Bing features as the teams grow best-in-category user experiences across various form factors. Provide coordinated advice for go-to-market product launches and updates across multiple jurisdictions, including privacy, intellectual property, publication torts (defamation) and related legal, regulatory and policy issues. Support business teams in negotiating and drafting agreements across multiple jurisdictions pertaining to inbound and outbound licensing, digital media, use of third party content, and related general commercial issues with partners including media companies, entertainment producers, and other prominent online content providers. Working with the other attorneys and paralegals in LCA, along with other internal and external legal and non-legal expert resources (finance), to provide international deal support to all levels of the supported businesses, including development of process-related improvements to facilitate and increase the efficiency of legal services.

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